Asian spices, flavors (different)

Varied preparation of Asian dishes

Asian spices, flavors (different) You will find a wide selection of Asian spice pastes and condiments.
Asian spices, flavors (different) Varied preparation of Asian dishes

You will find a wide selection of Asian spice pastes and condiments.

  • The Asian cuisine

    Diverse and healthy

    The Asian cuisine is very healthy due to its vitamin-sparing preparation. The dishes use lots of fresh vegetables and plenty of fish. And also the high-fiber soy products score in the healthy preparation. In addition, the Asians usually only have their wok in which they fry, cook, stew, deep-fry or even stew. The ingredients from the Asian kitchen that you should have for home cooking include rice, Asian noodles, soy sauce, curry pastes, coconut milk, lemongrass and ginger. There are no limits to the preparation. Whether in salads, soups or from the wok, the asieatische cuisine is very varied and enjoyable. You can re-vary every Asian dish, which results in unbelievable taste nuances. Enjoy the spices, herbs and ingredients that give the Asian cuisine a wealth of flavors. Discover this delicious variety from the range at GOURMET VERSAND.

  • The Asian cuisine

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  • The Indian cuisine

    Indian food can also be described as a feast for the senses. The multi-faceted spicy dishes are traditionally prepared on the thali, this is a metal tray with small bowls containing different foods. Typical dishes for Indian cuisine are the various vegetarian curries. Depending on region and religion, but also because of poverty in the country, meat is dispensed with. The main sources of protein in India are dairy products and legumes. The curries are very varied by a variety of spices, such as Korean, turmeric, cardamom or cumin. Rice and wheat are also the main components of nutrition. The latter is often processed into flatbread. Other breads include chapati, naan or deep-fried puri. The curries we enjoy are adjusted by the sharpness. In the warmer countries, the sharpness has a disinfecting effect. Because only a few pathogens can multiply in spicy dishes or even survive. Furthermore, the sharpness preserves the food used. Sharp food is delicious and healthy.

  • Refined combinations

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