Valrhona Couverture, chocolate, couverture

World-class French chocolate

Valrhona Couverture, Schokolade, Kuvertüre Seit 1922 kreiert Valrhona mit natürlichen Aromen die wohl besten Schokoladen der Welt. Professionelle Köche und Gourmets schwören auf diese Produkte aus dem Hause Valrhona.
Valrhona Couverture, chocolate, couverture World-class French chocolate

Since 1922, Valrhona has been creating what are probably the best chocolates in the world with natural flavors. Professional chefs and gourmets swear by these products from Valrhona.

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    Valrhona is committed to the impeccable quality of its products. His ongoing commitment and the constant quality of its products are characterized by a strict selection of the cocoa beans and systematic checks at all stages of chocolate making.

    Valrhona promotes the search for and selection of cocoa beans high quality around the world to promote the will, those men and women and to accompany that work with passion on their plantations to produce cocoa beans with unique and exceptional flavors. The steps of the active procurement and the systematic selection of cocoa batches done with an irreplaceable tool: the Kakaothek, a jury of experts who are trained in the detection and quantification of chocolate flavors. These experts recorded daily, the aromatic profile of each incoming batch of cocoa in order to guarantee the selection of a constant aroma of high quality. Because Valrhona chocolate in all its a very special attention to exceptional flavors directed, this unique, rigorous, and demanding procedure to be applied rigorously to all origins, regardless of what their function in the final products. Through the development of complementary skills in procurement and in sensory analysis, succeeds Valrhona to find rare cocoas and to impart this new aromatic Typizitäten expression.

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  • Valrhona couverture from France


    The sensory skills is a new science in the service of pleasure and excellence. She is a currently unique tool that the 5 senses of human uses (vision, touch, hearing (crispy), smell and taste) to describe all the organoleptic properties of the products to charaktersisieren and catching. For this reason, Valrhona has decided to make this science as a fundamental value of his company, which is shared and practiced by all in order to continuously achieve a championship of taste. Currently Valrhona internally has a total of 15 tasters juries in three training levels (consumers, insiders and experts), which allows a daily specific and strategic control. The various juries check every day more than 170 people to the Chocolaterie cover all stages of the product manufacturing (raw materials, packaging, beans, roasting, liqueur, chocolate coatings, ganaches and chocolates, and other special products such as pralines), and in at different stages their life cycle. The sensory skills is a guarantee of exceptional quality and makes it possible to bring the authentic flavors of Valrhona chocolates to bear that are more sophisticated and always inimitable so.

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