Sugar syrup / fruit syrup / flower syrup

Sugar syrup / fruit syrup / flower syrup Agave syrup, maple blueberry syrup, maple cranberry syrup, date syrup, cane sugar syrup, etc.

Agave syrup, maple blueberry syrup, maple cranberry syrup, date syrup, cane sugar syrup, etc.

  • Syrup from Belvoir Farm

    We are naturally wild and wildly rural.

    That says a little about us as people and a lot about our ethos here at Belvoir Farm. We know that the growth of nature and the growth of our premium soft drink business go hand in hand, so our commitment to the landscape is very real. Simply and carefully selected, they reflect our commitment to authenticity, quality and good taste.
    Our mission is to create high quality soft drinks with natural ingredients that are refreshingly delicious and reassuringly real.

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  • Belvoir Farm Syrup

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  • Grafschafter Goldsaft

    Rhenish specialties with an unmistakable taste

    Where you can still taste the love of nature
    Do you remember the yellow mug on grandmother`s breakfast table? Even then you knew that she only got the best on her bread. And grandmother knew that our gold juice is a delicious and natural treat for young and old.
    This is still true today, because in the Grafschafter Krautfabrik there is plenty of fruit and mostly natural ingredients in the kettles. Sugar beets from the region, which we press into our gold juice, or juicy apples from our local fruit growers.
    We have been doing this for over 127 years - Grafschafter products are created in the idyllic Rhineland with the greatest care and according to traditional recipes. Always with love, tradition and natural taste. This is precisely why grandmothers no longer only swear by our spreads and syrups. Nutrition-conscious parents will find tasty, fat-free alternatives to nut nougat creams and chocolate spreads with us. Allergy sufferers enjoy our original specialties because they are free from preservatives and allergy triggers. Vegans will find a wide range of plant-based spreads. And last but not least, then as now, many fans of the yellow mug simply appreciate the unique, unadulterated taste from the county.

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  • Grafschafter Goldsaft

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