GOURMET VERSAND is certified organic

  • BIO certification according to DE-A-KO-001 with control number: DE - NW - 001 - 20473 - H
    In the spring of 2011 we made the decision to have our company audited by an independent external company for organic certification.
    Our decision fell on BCS-A-ko Garantie GmbH from Nuremberg.

    Thanks to our HACCP concept, which is applied to all food products, only small changes to the flow of goods and documentation were needed to comply with the organic guidelines.
    Since July 2011 we have been able to announce that we are organic certified.

    As a customer, you can be certain that all organic products you buy from us comply with the organic regulations.

  • GOURMET VERSAND has been organic certified since July 2011.
  • Organic certification according to: EC Organic Regulation by DE-OKO-001
    Control number: DE - NW - 001 - 20473 - H
  • (Click here for PDF download.)
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