GOURMET STARS - The bonus program for regular customers of GOURMET VERSAND

  • How do I collect?
    With every purchase you complete with us, you will automatically be credited a GOURMET STAR to your account.

    What are the advantages?
    Each collected GOURMET STAR is 1 percentage point worth of cart Total. In the second order, so you can save 1%.

    On what GOURMET STARS be deducted?
    The GOURMET STARS be deducted only for products. With shipping costs, surcharges or delivery no discount can be done.

    How do I redeem my GOURMET STARS?
    Each ordering process you will receive your collected GOURMET STARS displayed and can redeem them. If you forget or overlook the redemption that GOURMET STARS will also automatically redeemed.

    How Many GOURMET STARS can collect?
    The maximum number is limited to 10th, but does this mean that you can always save 10% from the eleventh order.

    Forfeited my collected GOURMET STARS?
    No, your collected GOURMET STARS remain your customer will always receive. Whether you order once a month or every 5 years with us.

    Which conditions of participation are available?
    All of our private clients can participate. You only need to age (18 years old) have to be customer and participate in our bonus program.

    Note to the GOURMET STARS Please also cover the administration of coupons!
    Point 8 / Settlement of the FAQ for more information on handling GOURMET STARS.

    Changes GOURMET STARS bonus program
    Gourmet Versand reserves the right at any time to change or add.
  • after 1 order = 1% discount
    after 2 order = 2% discount
    after 3 order = 3% discount
    after 4 order = 4% discount
    after 5 order = 5% discount
    after 6 order = 6% discount
    after 7 order = 7% discount
    after 8 order = 8% discount
    after 9 order = 9% discount
    after 10 order = 10% discount
    After the 10th order you always get 10% off your purchase.
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