CHROMA Dorimu Damascus chef`s knife

CHROMA Dorimu Damascus chef`s knife
  • CHROMA Dorimu

    The knife dream

    One night, the owner of the CHROMA type 301 manufactory woke up.
    He had a dream: to produce the best knife. Not something super commercial, but a dream for knife enthusiasts and cooks, as he himself is one.
    His favorite knife is the hand-forged CHROMA HAIKU Itamae, a real Damascene knife that costs between 2 and 3,000 euros. He did not want another damask wallpaper knife that cut the core, not the damask, but a real damascene, with a perfect wooden handle. A knife that sits well in the hand, which is sharp and stays sharp for a long time and, like all CHROMA knives, is easy to sharpen. He wanted to build the best industrial knife! The result was the CHROMA Dorimu.
    Dorimu is Japanese and means dream. And a dream knife is the Dorimu truly. Semi-industrial forged Damascus steel made with a comfortable handle made of Norwegian iron maple. The iron maple does not change in climatic fluctuations, so that no unhygienic gaps arise.

    Like hand forged: damask that cuts - Pure Damascu.

    Dorimu - the knife dream (Dorimu means in Japanese dream) - is a real Damascus knife without the usual VG-10 core. When Dorimu cut - as with many hand-forged damask knife - the folded layers and not the core. So it stays sharp longer and can be sharpened sharper. The pleasant wooden handle made of Norwegian iron maple does not shrink due to the refinement when humidity changes.

    The new CHROMA DORIMU series is revolutionizing the kitchen, with a genuine damascus blade and wooden handle. For over 2,500 years, the technique of damask forging has existed, then as now it represents a high form of blacksmithing. Knives with a full damascus blade are therefore considered the Ferrari among kitchen knives. This is also reflected in the price, real Damaszener are usually in the four-digit range. With the new high-quality series Dorimu, the German Dream, Chroma now brings hobby and professional chefs closer to their knife dream.

    For the forged blade made of pure Damascus steel, this series of CHROMA is based on the classic sword forging and combines the very best features of hard and soft steel. 64 ultra-thin steel layers are always alternately folded over each other and then welded. Hard steel ensures that the blade stays sharp for a very long time and does not bend, while the soft steel prevents it from breaking. The folding technique creates the typical organic wave pattern of the Damascus steel composite, giving each blade a unique, individual aesthetic.

    With a handle made of Norwegian iron maple, the visually extraordinary knife is particularly good in the hand and is not susceptible to fluctuations in humidity in the kitchen. Thus, the series is also perfect with wood handle for the professional sector. Due to the special hardening, the wood does not move after processing and the interface between blade and handle always stays clean. The combination of a real full damascus blade and the wooden handle made of Norwegian iron maple makes the new series of Chroma absolutely unique.

    Forged and further processed by hand.

    The individual appearance of the Damascus blades makes each knife unique.

    Full damask sword instead of damask wallpaper.

    With a Rockwell hardness of 61 degrees, these knives, like other Chroma knives, are extremely sharp and re-sharpened.

    Compared to other, high-quality and well-processed steel grades, the Dorimu knives retain their sharpness up to 1.4 times longer.

    The handle of Norwegian iron maple is not only soft and comfortable in the hand, but is also insensitive to temperature changes and changes in humidity.

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