Amedei, Tuscany chocolates and pralines

The quality of the chocolates from Amedei continues with the chocolate coating. There is no better raw material for chocolate mousse, souffles and tarts.

  • Amedei, Tuscany

    I Neri Chocolate

    From bean to bar. The Tuscan manufacturers world-famous chocolates that win every year prices, seeks its cocoa beans carefully to varieties, regions and plantations. The flavors are complex and sophisticated, the bite incomparably crispy. The black chocolate can be enjoyed like a good glass of wine.

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  • Amedei, Tuscany

    Tosc ano Chocolate

    Chocolatière Cecilia Tessieri is a master in the composition of different cocoa to a Gesamtkunstwerk. A special treat is the Toscano Black 70% in its finesse and spiciness.

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