egg noodles

egg noodles

Contained against its major ingredients eggs. This offer depending on the number of eggs an additional fine Eiaroma and a deeper shade of yellow. This protein makes the pasta elastic and supple.

  • Egg noodles from Piedmont

    Cascina San Giovanni, Piedmont.

    Very good egg tagliatelle in different widths produced in truffle country. Extracted pierce the pasta with Barolo. They are intended as an accompaniment to game dishes and dark meat.

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  • The egg noodles of top restaurants

    La Campofilone, Marche.

    This delicate pasta from the small town of Campofilone in the Marche region is made only from durum wheat semolina and fresh eggs and was famous in the 16th century. As Bandnudel their rich taste comes to the fullest advantage. It is the preferred egg-pasta Italian top restaurants.

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