La Dispensa di Amerigo Srl - Pestos, sauces and specialties

from Bologna Italy

La Dispensa di Amerigo Srl - Pestos, sauces and specialties Good and fine Italian food!
La Dispensa di Amerigo Srl - Pestos, sauces and specialties from Bologna Italy

Good and fine Italian food!

  • About Amerigo

    La Dispensa of Amerigo Srl

    In 1934, the Trattoria di Amerigo was founded. And in the year 1996 the dispensa di Amerigo emerges from more than 80 years of experience. It was a rather small food project that at first was unlikely to present the success it would have in the following years. It has not always been easy, but over the years the results have been visible thanks to the passion and attention paid to these products day after day. The received awards are our incentive for new ideas and continuous improvement to meet the demands of the market.

    We have largely taken up the traditional, typical Einmach tradition of the farming families of our valley. In doing so, we consistently follow the philosophy that has always distinguished us: we process seasonal food and local raw materials. We develop recipes from ingredients that are grown and bred as close as possible to the production facility. We try to use only the best to make delicious, healthy and coherent products. In our glasses come the delights of yesteryear - in the form of genuine traditional recipes. Try them calmly, let them melt on your tongue and rediscover pleasure; We have the grandmothers recipes with grandchildrens technology.

    Our products are in great demand thanks to the authentic taste of traditional and well-known preparations both in Italy and abroad. Thanks to modern technologies, you can find products made from excellent raw materials in every glass - without synthetic aromas or chemical additives. We have long been committed to high quality standards, and we attach great importance to our food being traceable and the production chain being continuously monitored.

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  • La Dispensa di Amerigo Srl from Bologna Italy

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  • The technology

    La Dispensa of Amerigo Srl

    The production philosophy of the La Dispensa di Amerigo product line, as well as that of the Appennino Food Group, to which the Dispensa belongs, is to combine the experience and passion of the day-to-day working people in order to guarantee you excellent products of the highest quality to be able to. The careful selection of raw materials, innovation and continuous research enable us to achieve constant growth and high quality standards.

    In order to be able to offer ever healthier and high-quality products, we built a technologically advanced production facility in Savigno in 2012. The machines are continually being adapted, modified and certified to maximize their performance potential.

    In addition, we invest in the further education of our employees in order to constantly improve our daily production processes. The quality department rigorously controls the correct course of internal operations and their conformity with the applicable directives. Attentive daily production controls allow you to maintain consistent standards and quickly locate any irregularities.

    All La Dispensa di Amerigo products undergo rigorous microbiological laboratory testing, ensuring healthy products in compliance with all traceability requirements. We do not lose sight of our roots and our food and remain true to our motto: We have grandmothers recipes with grandchildrens technology.

  • La Dispensa di Amerigo Srl from Bologna Italy

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