Weight products and their handling at GOURMET VERSAND
Here you will find an explanation of the management of weight articles in our webshop.
For this, the first real question. What is a so-called weight item?
A weight product, where the which final weight can be determined only at the order picking or when weighing the product.
Examples are whole ham, truffles, cheese, cured meats such as salami, foie gras, etc..

Man knows the situation, when you go to the butcher and ordered 100 g sliced salami. The seller then cuts off several slices and then have a total weight of 110 g, for example.
These 10 g must then also be paid with.
In the supermarket, the packaged meat products the same price, but the final price of the package have not always depends often on the price per kg / g.

We as GOURMET VERSAND also sell many weight products. For calculations, it often came to payments or credits once our customer has bought a weight item. Many customers asked us to align the system more user-friendly so that not small sums like € 1.80 must be paid subsequently.
Our survey of regular customers has revealed that many prefer this applied system.

1. All products in the web shop which weight products are, have a note of you as a customer indicates.

2. The average weight of the weight of products sold goes into the calculation of the approximate weight. So we try to advance the products already indicate the possible final weight, so that the deviation is not too large.

3. If you are in the order process in our web shop and want to buy a weight item, you will be advised at the available payment methods, which get along without recalculation of payment / credit. They have thereby been the first choice without additional payment / manage credit.

Should you wish to use no one of these payment methods, you still have the opportunity others, such as select in advance. Here, however 30% are also shown as overpayment and applied as payment. As an example, costs a salami € 10, - then the Webshop will instruct you € 13, - to be paid as advance payment.
After weighing the salami with e.g. 11 € will be refunded without delay the funds (€ 2, -) back.
Should the salami cost just 9 €, you get of course then € 4, - return.

We know that our accounting needs more credits back with this system, but the user-friendliness for the customer and also to minimize the payment default has been greatly improved. Today's software also enables us to handle remittances faster.
You as a customer have thus saving time and money and we do not need send a reminder about eg € 1.80.

More information can be found at payment.