Weight items and their handling at GOURMET VERSAND
Here you will find an explanation of how weight items are handled in our webshop.
That`s the first real question. What is a so-called weight article?
A weight item is a product for which the final weight can only be determined when the product is picked or weighed.
Examples include whole ham, truffles, cheese, sausage products such as salami, foie gras, etc.

You know the situation when you go to the butcher and order 100 g of cold cuts salami. The saleswoman then cuts several slices and these then have a total weight of, for example, 110 g.
These 10 g must then also be paid for.

In the supermarket, the packaged meat products do not always have the same price, but the final price of the package is often based on the price per kg/g.

As GOURMET VERSAND, we of course also sell many weight items. Invoices often resulted in additional payments or credits as soon as our customer purchased a weight item.
Many customers asked us to make the system more user-friendly so that small amounts such as EURO 1.80 do not have to be paid later.
Our survey of regular customers has shown that many prefer this system now in use.

1.A ll products in the web shop that are weight items have a note informing you as a customer of this.

2. The average weight of the weight items sold is included in the calculation of the approximate weight. We try to specify the possible final weight for the item beforehand so that the deviation is not too large.

3. If you are in the ordering process in our web shop and would like to purchase a weight item, you will be informed of the available payment methods which payment methods do not require additional billing/credit.
You already have the first choice of getting by without additional payment/credit.

If you do not want to use any of these payment methods, you still have the option of choosing others such as advance payment. However, an additional 30% is shown as an overpayment and is also applied as a payment.
As an example, a salami costs EURO 10, - then the web shop will instruct you to transfer EURO 13, - in advance.
After weighing the salami at 11 EURO, for example, we will immediately refund you the credit (2 EURO).
If the salami only costs 9 EURO, you will of course get EURO 4 back.

We know that our accounting department will have to transfer more credit back with this system, but the user-friendliness for the customer and the minimization of possible payment defaults have been greatly improved.
Our current software also allows us to process refunds more quickly.

You as a customer have saved time and money and we do not have to send you a reminder for, for example, EURO 1.80.