Bar snacks from Tresors from France

  • Patisserie des Flandres

    Delicious snack waffles

    The Patisserie des Flandres was founded in Erquinghem-Lys in 1997 and has built a reputation for making Nordic specialties, especially delicious waffles filled with pure butter, vanilla, vergeoise or even rum from the islands. As well as the production of filled waffles, aperitif waffles and other pastry specialties:
    A northern tradition, these pure butter waffles are both soft and tasty. The Tresors waffles are always appreciated as a dessert or snack.
    The company left its first premises on rue du Moulin to move to rue du Meunier, where it opened its new workshops in 2009. These have been developed with maximum food safety in mind to achieve the best possible results and the best consistency of the products. The Patisserie des Flandres proudly displays the Lion of Flanders on its logo.

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