Date of minimum durability of our products GOURMET VERSAND.
As a food retail company, we note the best-before date of the respective product on every invoice and delivery note.
As a customer, you will always see the best-before date on the invoice / delivery note.
Our order picker, who packs your package, checks beforehand whether your product still has a sufficient best-before date.
For us there are 3 basic rules for the best before date which we would like to explain to you here.
  • cooled Product
    Best before date from 1 day to over 2 years
    Chilled and frozen products can have very different best before dates depending on the product.
    The best-before date for fresh oysters, for example, can only be a few days. A shelf life of 2 years is not uncommon for frozen products.
    Our order picker will only make sure that the best-before date has not expired.
  • uncooled product
    2. Best before date from 1 day to 3 months
    There are also products that do not need to be refrigerated, but still have a short best-before date.
    This includes, for example, the brick dough, which has a shelf life of around 2 months.
    3. Best before date at least 3 months
    As a rule, all products that we ship and do not belong to points 1 or 2 have at least a best-before date of 3 months.
  • Here we will show you how we note the best-before date on the invoices. We will also give you an insight into the different variants used by manufacturers worldwide.

    In Europe it is customary to print the best-before date as follows: DD.MM.YYYY (D = day, M = month, Y = year).
    In Asia and the USA, however, it is common practice to print the best-before date on the product as follows: MM.DD.YYYY.
    However, our order pickers decrypt the date and enter the European date in the system. This correct information will then be printed on the invoice / delivery note.

    Best before date on the invoice / delivery note
    decoded best before date


    8/30 (month/year) means it lasts until the end of month 8 in 2030.

    2030 (YYYY) means it has a shelf life until the end of 2030.

    none, for example
    Vinegars / Balsamic
    or hardware
    + means that the picker packed the product into the package
    At the same time, it also means that the product does not have a best-before date.

    - means either that this product was not included or, in the case of shipping costs, that no information is required.