Date of minimum durability of our products
(DMD = Date of Minimum Durability)
We as a food trading company record on each invoice and delivery note the expiration date of each product. So you as a customer always see on the invoice / delivery date of minimum durability. Our order pickers, which grabs your package, pr navigation use so ft advance whether your product still has a sufficient shelf life expiration date.
For us there are 3 basic rules to expiry date which we would like to explain to you hereby.
  • chilled products
    1. DMD from 1 day to more than 2 years
    ChChilled and frozen products may vary depending on product have a very different expiration date.. The expiration date may be a few days, for example, in respect of fresh oysters. For frozen products two years shelf life are not uncommon.
    Our picker is so in this case just make sure that the expiration date has not passed.
  • non-cooled products
    2. DMD 1 day up to 3 months
    There are also products which, although they do not require refrigeration, but have a short expiry date. This includes, for example, the filo pastry which about 2 months is durable.
    3. DMD at least 3 months
    In general, all products have we ship, and do not belong to item 1 or 2, at least a date of minimum durability of 3 months.
  • Here we show you how we record the date of minimum durability on the invoices. Likewise, we give you an insight OVER the different variants which are used by manufacturers worldwide.

    In Europe it is common reprint the expiration date follows DD.MM.YYYY (D = day, M = month, Y = year). In the Asian region as well as in the US, however, it is common for the minimum durability date reprint as follows on the product MM.DD.YYYY.
    However, our pickers decrypt the date and carry the European date in the system. This right is then printed on the invoice / delivery note.

    Expiration date on the Invoice / Delivery Note
    decrypted before date


    8/18 (MM/JJ) means that it is preserved until the end of the month 8 year 2018th

    2017 (JJJJ) means that there are 2017 Best before end of the year.

    none for example,
    vinegars / balsamic
    or hardware
    + Means that the commissioner has the product packed in the package with At the same time, it also means that the product has no expiry date.

    - Either means that this product has not been delivered or at delivery, that it needs no indication