Mustard the pleasant spiciness
Mustard for seasoning and refining

Mustard Kornmayer mustard, bone suckin mustard, balsamic mustard, purple mustard, grape seed mustard and others...
Mustard Mustard the pleasant spiciness<br />Mustard for seasoning and refining

Kornmayer mustard, bone suckin mustard, balsamic mustard, purple mustard, grape seed mustard and others...

  • Sweet mustard from the Upper Palatinate

    Wurstkuchl, Regensburg.

    In small batches makes the Wurstkuchl, the over 500 years old bratwurst barbecue, sweet mustard to own sausage. It tastes delicious, with a small proportion freshly grated horseradish in it.

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  • Wurstkuchl - sweet mustard from the Upper Palatinate

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  • Wurstkuchl - Sweet mustard from the Upper Palatinate

    Wurstkuchl - history

    The origin of the historic Wurstkuchl was a small building leaning against the city wall, which served as a construction office during the construction of the stone bridge from 1135 to 1146.
    When the building, celebrated at the time as the eighth wonder of the world, was completed, the construction office moved out and the small building became a cookshop on the Kranchen. The customers of the food stall were dockworkers and construction workers, hence the name Kranchen, the word for crane or cranes at the time. There were many port workers because the rich trading patricians of the Free Imperial City of Regensburg used the port intensively for centuries as a transshipment center for goods from all over the world. The hungry construction workers, on the other hand, came mainly from the construction site of the Regensburg Cathedral.
    It is not possible to determine exactly when the boiled meat from the food stall was replaced by the finer sausages. They were probably introduced in 1806 when the historic sausage kitchen was sold by the city treasury to the chef Wolfgang Schricker. At the beginning of the 19th century, the era of the Schricker family began with the new owner Wolfgang Schricker, which extends to the current owners, the Schricker-Meier family.

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  • Kornmayer barbecue mustard

    KORNMAYER`s manufactory for mustard and oil

    It all started in 1999 with the invention of the Frankfurt mustard and in the following years the product range has steadily expanded. Today, in addition to mustard, oil and salt, gill sauces are also produced, such as the Frankfurt red sauce. It is always important to us to use the best ingredients and to produce by hand, where a lot is still stirred, chopped, cut and seasoned by ourselves. Many of the basic products used come from regional producers. For example, the Frankfurt mustard is made with the original 7 herbs from the Oberrad district of Frankfurt.

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