Olive oil from Italy

Olivenöl aus Italien - Aromatisierte Olivenöle
- Native Olivenöle
- Öle aus Abruzzen
- Öle aus Apulien
- Öle aus der Toscana
- Öle aus Ligurien
- Öle aus Sizilien
Olive oil from Italy

- Olive oil flavored
- Virgin olive oils
- Oils from Abruzzo
- Oils from Puglia
- Oils from Tuscany
- Oils from Liguria
- Oils from Sicily

  • Olive oil from Italy

    Italy has around 300 varieties, the most well-known being Taggiasca, Coratina and Ogliarola. Taggiasca has a very fine olive scent with a mild fruit aroma. The aftertaste is reminiscent of almonds and pine nuts. The main cultivation area for this variety is Liguria. In Apulia, the variety Coratina is cultivated with its powerful flavor. As well as the variety Ogliarola with its light herbal scent. Widely used are the varieties Leccino, Frantoio and Carolea. The variety Leccino produce a qualitatively outstanding mild oil with a sweet aroma. The Carolea variety is characterized by its herbaceous and slightly pungent taste. And fits with your slight spiciness to every vegetable. The Frantoio variety is mainly cultivated in Tuscany and has a strong taste of herbs and grasses.

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