Dim Sum

Chinese snack delicacies

Dim Sum Taste the diverse and deliciously filled Cantonese specialties

Taste the diverse and deliciously filled Cantonese specialties

  • What is Dim Sum?

    Dim Sum was born in China and literally means to touch your heart. Small Chinese delicacies are referred to as dim sum. You can enjoy these on many occasions. Whether as a snack in between, for starters, in the main course or as a sweet conclusion. Even at parties or receptions, the hearty variety is gladly served. Because the many different types of dim sum are very varied. Starting with meat, various fish and seafood on vegetarian variants to the sweet temptation. Dim Sum can be prepared on different atres, such as steaming, frying, frying or baking.

  • Delicious stuffed Cantonese specialties

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  • History of Dim Sum

    Dim Sum`s unique cuisine originated in China many centuries ago. According to some sources, the first dim sum was made 2,500 years ago, as evidenced by the poetry and music of that time.
    Although Dim Sum is inextricably linked to Cantonese cuisine, it does not come from Canton. It is believed that the first dim sum was produced in northern China and has undergone tremendous changes over the centuries. The names of these little delicacies have also gradually changed. Originally it was an exclusive luxury for the emperor and his family, but also for the rich. Finally, it was also served in tea houses, especially in the busy tea houses along the famous Silk Road. In the early 20th century, there were many developments in the world of Dim Sum. The descendants of the Manchurian empire did not need to work, they visited tea houses to spend their time there with food and drink. The teahouses and restaurants competed with each other by offering dim sum in ever-increasing variations. Today dim sum is an integral part of Chinese culture and is highly valued in many other Asian countries. The filling, the dough and the shape depend on the region and the climate from which they originate. The tastiest and best comes, in the opinion of many, from southern China, Canton and Hong Kong. The dim sum is usually known in Cantonese as drinking tea - Yam Cha - since tea is usually served with dim sum.

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