Parmesan and Grana Padano

Parmesan and Grana Padano Delicious Parmesan cheese with different levels of ripeness and pure taste.
Parmesan and Grana Padano

Delicious Parmesan cheese with different levels of ripeness and pure taste.

  • Parmesan Maker Portrait Caseificio Gennari

    Emilia Romagna, Italy

    The Parmesan is their life. The Caseificio Gennari was founded in 1953 by Maria and Sergio in Collecchio, province of Parma. Signora Maria still stands on each working in their company. If you ask the Signora, whether they, their cheeses are sold throughout Europe, already visited these places, only replied: Cheese traveling for me in the world, my place is here. The whole family works with, 2 sons, daughter Rosangela and their children. Presented Maria and Sergio in the early days 3 loaves a day ago, today there are 45. In the mature stock are always 35,000 Parmiggiani Reggiani. The special feature of this successful production is the tight control of the entire production chain. The starts namely on the own dairy farm. Son Tino looked there more than 1,000 animals, the majority are Holstein Frisian but there are also a small percentage Braunvieh. The milk from their own cows makes 60% of the amount required for the production of cheese. The remaining milk buy Gennari at farmers from the immediate area. The experienced handling of milk and the production allows Gennari their cheese to mature up to 140 months. 2012 won a Parmigiano Reggiano DOP family a price of Gambero Rosso for exceptional quality. The cheese was matured 72 months. But the younger cheese have their place, especially when you can taste next to each other. At any stage of maturity the cheese maker can make recommendations, whether the combination of the 36 months of parmesan with chestnut honey or a glass of Passito, a dessert wine, for 60 months ripened cheese. Who in Collecchio, which is 10 km from Parma, visited to shop in the family business, where it meets certain Signora Maria.

  • Parmesan manufacturer Caseificio Gennari from Italy

  • Grana Padano

    Grana Padano is a raw milk hard cheese that matures for at least 9 months and often longer in a special region in Italy, the Po Valley.
    As with the production of Champagne, where the grapes come from Champagne and are processed there, the ingredients for the production of Grana Padano must come from the Po Valley and must also be processed there.

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