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Chroma Turbo
  • CHROMA Turbo - Design by FA Porsche

    When I`m in Tokyo and go to a good sushi bar, I`m always amazed. They do not use a cutting board. Incredible. With their extremely hard / sharp knives, the masters stop 1/100 mm in front of the counterwood. You can also see zero cuts in the wood. Once I was allowed to try. I will never do that again! As you know, I am not quite experienced in the knife trade, but the master put a cutting board under the fish. Thank God. He was not very enthusiastic about how far I cut the wood and how the blade was already slightly tattered after a while. And I lost my face. The master said smugly, I should keep to type301. They would be better for me. He was right. For me, this was not a good memory with the extremely sharp and hard blades as we have also unique pieces, for example, from Okishiba. I would not even put in a Formal 1 car and then give full throttle. Even though? No, I would not!
    With the Ka-Six measures for the turbo, we have now pretty much modeled the blade geometry of the hand-forged Japanese treasures. This means you can cut very perfectly if you can and do not cut the wrong one. By the way, very many manufacturers are very generous in their HRC statement. We have rarely experienced that the information was really true and certainly not on the thin edge. The Ka-Six cutting edge guarantees a minimum of 60 ° HRC at the cutting edge. We always strive to stay well below 64 ° C so we do not get too hard.
    This is something like me at Porsche. I drive to Porsche with my Boxster and say the exhaust is too loud. The Porsche master: 98% of our customers would be thrilled if their exhaust would be so loud. What I`m trying to explain is that more power is not always useful. But the guys always want higher numbers!
    If you are not careful, it is with the CHROMA Turbo as if you drive with a Ferrari in the forest. This works if there is a well paved road there. Otherwise it is clear what happens. Even dummies like me can use the turbo knife, but really a little more cautious. First put a paper towel under the food. The kitchen paper must not be cut (or at least minimal). The counter-productive cutting into the wood damages the knife. It is best to cut only fish and meat fillets with it, as with the sashimi knife. But no hard food! Christian Romanowski

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