Vegetarian caviar varieties

  • Small pearls with a surprise effect

    The small fruit pearls from fruit caviar are surrounded by a thin membrane. Filled with delicious fruit juice on the inside, they create surprising effects when they burst on the palate.
    As an addition to sparkling wine, prosecco, cocktails or as a decoration on sweet and savory dishes.
    Another delicacy is caviar - a substitute made from algae or seaweed. This caviar is diverse in its different flavors and colors. Seaweed caviar and seaweed caviar can be used in hot and cold cuisine.
    At GOURMET VERSAND you can order the various fruit caviar delicacies online. Combine the fruit caviar with meat, fish, finger food, starters or in dessert as an original rounding off to your dishes.

  • Caviar pearls for pure enjoyment

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