Burgers, steaks and co.

Burgers and steaks from Angus, Wagyu or wild boar

Burgers, steaks and co.
  • Albersfood - steaks and meat

    Meat and steaks not only for gourmets

    Only those who burn with enthusiasm for meat will find the way to the perfect steak. And to the enthusiastic customer. There is only one reason why ALBERS is able to turn over more than 2,500 tons of meat and poultry per year, including more than 15,000 cattle from the USA alone: Every steak, every side of beef, every corn-fed chicken and every Iberico pork loin has to be entirely up to the company owners Frank and Udo Albers can convince. In order to guarantee this, ALBERS has developed a seamless system for recognizing, purchasing, processing and delivering top-class gourmet meat - from the pasture to the moment when the customer in the catering trade or in the domestic kitchen buys the steak, roast or unwrap the chicken.
    First the meat, then the price: With such high quality, the price sometimes has to play second fiddle. Frank Albers: When it comes to new offers, we always look at the goods first and then the price. Sometimes the pattern is so sensational that we just have to have the goods. For Albers, only one thing counts here: the taste, i.e. the sum of aroma, sensory properties, texture, tenderness and juiciness. The chef always tastes new meat in a familiar and knowledgeable group with his sales staff - all trained cooks and butchers. The sample is roasted, so as not to artificially help the meat, using what is actually the worst method, Albers laughs. Out of the pack, onto the griddle, turn once, raw on the inside - and then try it.

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  • eatventure - best meat from Germany

    10 years of dry aging experience - quality you can taste.

    David Schrand (owner of eatventure GmbH) has over 10 years of experience in aging noble meat. Starting out as a meat enthusiast and young student of meat technology, he started dry aging trials here in Germany many years ago. This method was initially known from the USA. Today he is a true expert in special steak cuts, preparation, husbandry and feeding and especially in the maturing of steaks. He loves and lives for real meat quality from Germany. eatventure GmbH is now a Germany-wide specialist in dry aging and has, among other things, developed an in-house aging method that has been officially registered since the end of 2017. The ShioMizu Aging. Also called Dry Aging 2.0 by David Schrand. Quality that you absolutely have to experience!

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  • eatventure - the best meat from Germany

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