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For Newby tea is passion, art, science, history, tradition and life.

Newby Tea / Newby Tea The quality of the tea leaf is crucial for our mission to select, mix, protect and deliver our worlds best tea.

The quality of the tea leaf is crucial for our mission to select, mix, protect and deliver our worlds best tea.

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    For thousands of years, tea has held an important cultural, ornate, and glorious position in the history of mankind. Unfortunately, however, in the course of the industrialization of trade in the 20th century, great losses of the various tea culture occurred, as large brands accepted smaller quantities for quality.

    In order to reintroduce more high-quality teas on the market and to re-establish the glorious past of tea culture, the turn-of-the-century in London Newby was founded with the mission of selecting, mixing, protecting and delivering selected teas of the world.

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    Newby Tea / Newby Tea

    We start with the selection of hand-harvested leaves from the earlier main phases (flushes) for all our traditional teas. Our tea testers judge thousands of cups from a selection of different plantations and only select special crops of the respective season. We are not tied to specific plantations where the quality can vary from season to season but buy directly from producers, also at auctions, to ensure that we receive and receive an immense selection of samples for the tees of the respective season only those teas that impressed our auditors the most.

    Our expert team of tea testers then mix these carefully selected leaves with the aim of creating a cup of tea with a truly unforgettable character. Our auditors are personally trained by the chairman of Newby, Nirmal Sethia, whose knowledge of tea has continued to improve with his decades of experience in the tea industry. The specially prepared mixtures impress in every imaginable way and create lasting memories and impressions for the mind and palate.

    Creating an exquisite mixture is meaningless if it is not protected. Tea leaves are sensitive and can be easily affected by heat, light, moisture and air pollution. We ensure the integrity of our leaves in our special center for preserving and packaging in India. The center is located near some select tea cultivation areas in the world and supplies supplies from regions in the east to Japan and from regions in the west to Africa as well as herbal and fruit teas from Europe. Due to the special location of the center, it is possible to ensure that we receive our teas within two weeks of their selection, which greatly reduces their stress due to negative influences. By means of mechanisms for controlling temperature and humidity, the Center ensures that each specific mixture is carefully protected against changes caused by environmental influences. The center is very special for the world of tea and is awarded annually with the highest ratings for safety and quality of BRC Global Standards.

    Our teas are packaged in a special three-layered aluminum foil that is specially sealed to protect the tea from heat, light, moisture and air pollution. If you buy and brew our tea leaves, they still have the same quality and character as on the day they left the tea plantation and started their journey towards their cup.

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