Pastries are not just a treat at tea time

  • Biscuits, Biscuits!

    Artisan Biscuits, Ashbourne

    The English company has a heart for kids and bakes kids` biscuits as cute animal motifs, nicely packaged and made with only natural ingredients, without any additives. The great bear biscuits are packaged in portions for kindergarten and schoolyard. Adults tend to meet over tea and nibble the fine biscuits with unusual flavors such as rosehip and strawberry.
    The biscuits are made the way Artisan Biscuits would like to eat them. The Artisan biscuits are still baked as they used to be, using only the finest natural ingredients and a generous hand. Only butter and no hardened oil or extra virgin olive oil is used.

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  • Artisan Biscuits, Ashbourne

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  • Pastries for tea and two for the break

    Artisan Biscuits, Ashbourne

    For certain types of tea together, are the formulations of these refined butter cookies. Chocolate and raspberry taste to Assam. Two Fingers, however, are in between for easy fancy good biscuits. Four varieties that fill a pause with taste, can be cut up with a Knack.

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