Spice mixtures, salts and oils from Altes Gewurzamt

Buy over 100 products from Ingo Holland - Altes Gewurzamt quickly and easily

Gewürzmischungen, Salze und Öle von Altes Gewürzamt Gewürze, Salze, Öle vom Meisterkoch Ingo Holland. Seine bekannten Würzmischungen finden Sie hier.
Spice mixtures, salts and oils from Altes Gewurzamt Buy over 100 products from Ingo Holland - Altes Gewurzamt quickly and easily

Spices, salts, oils from master chef Ingo Holland. You can find his well-known seasoning mixtures here.

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    How do you ensure the quality of your spices?
    No spice comes with us unaudited camp. The quality of spices is internationally awarded certificates and analyzes. Whereas failure to provide these labels, we give the corresponding analyzes in order. Starting this year, we also employ a nutritional scientist who monitors all certifications of inputs. So you can be 100% sure to get only the best quality from us.

    What must be the purchase of spices particular attention to?
    Spices are products where freshness is particularly important - therefore they can only be stored for a certain time. Therefore, we buy only for a usage period of 3 to a maximum of 6 months. These are the herbs area often only a few kilograms. In goods receipt, we not only check the certificates of our suppliers, but also carry their own visual and taste tests. Are the spices properly, they are added to our selection and carefully stored. We also use of any purchased or home-made spice retained samples, in order to trace the quality and development over a period of 2 years can.

    How to ensure the homogeneity of your spice blends?
    To ensure homogeneous mixing of the spices, we can build a custom product that looks like a small concrete mixer. The drum was replaced by a VA4 stainless steel drum in which all mixtures are homogenized again after grinding to achieve the best possible mixing results. So we have the certainty that do not form nests spice of variety in the mixtures and thus alter the aroma.

    How do you make your ground spices from?
    The process of grinding takes place in several stages. In the first step, we select some of our spices on a treadmill, be sorted out in the deviations. These are, for example, fleur de sel, long pepper, grains of paradise, etc. Then we grind on various mills, initially on a hammer mill, which works like a rapidly rotating mortar. The spices are thereby screened their intended use according to different calibrations. Then we work with two large disk mills, on which we can ground spices at different levels of detail.

    How are processed spices in your mixes?
    Our blends are ground to about 75-80% of whole spices like coriander seeds, peppercorns, nutmeg, mace and so on. Only paprika, turmeric, ginger, garlic and galangal be added as a powder, but once ground with the whole spices. This results in the high intensity of our spice blends.

    What must be given to the storage of spices?
    To ensure the freshness of our spices over a longer period, we store them in original containers and in food grade plastic drums and boxes at a temperature of about 19 ° Celsius. To protect against other environmental influences, such as pest infestations, the stock is carefully monitored and logged.

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