Truffles and mushrooms

Truffle Indulgence in perfection

Trüffel & Pilze Frische Trüffel sowie auch eingelegte Trüffel finden Sie hier.
Trockenpilze von 50 g bis mehreren Kilogramm können Sie hier kaufen.
Truffles and mushrooms Truffle Indulgence in perfection

Fresh truffles and truffles can be found here.
You can buy dried mushrooms from 50 g up to several kilograms here.

  • The history of truffles

    The history of truffles dates back to antiquity. At the time, the Greeks and the Romans, the truffle was valued for its aphrodisiac virtues and had its place at all great festivals.
    In the Middle Ages, the truffle was called satanic or evil because of its black color and growth underground. And has therefore been forgotten.
    The revival, a few decades later, came through the Court of the Popes of Avignon, in the department of Vaucluse. These invited to their banquets
    and dined with truffles.
    In the 19th century, the truffle reached its golden age. By phylloxera almost all vineyards were destroyed throughout Europe. So terrible for that
    Winemaker was, it has been a blessing for the collectors of truffles. Because the fallow land was ideal and was used for the cultivation of truffles.

  • truffle

    Whether fresh enjoyment or enjoyable processed

    Depending on the season, you will find the various truffles here at Gourmet Versand. Whether fresh or processed. For truffles can be enjoyed year round thanks to the preservation in butter, creams or oil.
    Order the delicacies from France, Italy or Spain at Gourmet Versand.
    We have first-class products that make the most simple dishes a treat.

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