Hazelnuts whole, chopped hazelnuts, ground hazelnuts, hazelnut flour

  • Pimonteser hazelnuts from Altanga


    Our farm is located in the municipality of Cerretto Langhe district Cerretta and Pedaggera. It lies about 10 km from the hills of the Barolo area, 18 km from Alba and 80 km from Savona, and belongs to the association of the mountain communities of Alta Langa.
    The Alta Langa is a fascinating area that is rich in between at the unique and incomparable enchantment of countries. On one hand, the mild, sunny and windy climate of Liguria with lush vegetation and genuine. On the other hand, the wild beauty of its centuries-old forests and their valleys, the lonely and mysterious hill paths that lead down to caves dug by streams of crystal clear water.
    The Alta Langa has always been regarded as a major hub for communication between coast, plain and the Alpine valleys, and became the seat of castles and fortifications. Even today, they are seen in the medieval structure of their villages and forts that are located on the highest hills and enforce the landscape.
    The Alta Langa means to experience, to seek an experience of relaxation and immersion in nature without sacrificing Outstanding food and events that enliven the Piedmont wines.

  • Organic farming

    Soil protection is to have the courage to pass it on to future generations, with the same characteristics with which we have adopted him. Therefore, we had a fixed idea since the beginning of our adventure: the certified organic cultivation of all our products.
    That is why we have chosen the official channels to transform the farm Altalanga in one of the most important organic farms in the area. So far, one of the few who runs this type of agriculture for the Piedmont Hazelnut PGI (Nocciola Piemonte IGP).

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  • Tonda Gentile IGP

    Terra delle Nocciole, Piedmont.

    The Piedmontese hazelnuts are unsurpassed in flavor and in its perfect roundness. Their flavor is ready to cook captured as chopped nuts and a unsweetened hazelnut paste with which one can tame any squirrels.

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