Capers, the caviar of Italy

From the north and south islands of Sicily

Capers, the caviar of Italy Capers in oil, salt or pickled. Various sizes are available for quality and taste.
Capers, the caviar of Italy From the north and south islands of Sicily

Capers in oil, salt or pickled. Various sizes are available for quality and taste.

  • Capers, caviar Italy

    La Nicchia, Pantelleria.

    Capers and caper berries are the precious harvest on the Italian Mediterranean island in Africa Visibility. The capers have different caliber, as the operator Gabriele Lasagni farmers decreases all capers. In this way, he has made their cultivation on the island attractive again. This also led to innovations such caper powder and dried capers which are excellent use in the kitchen.

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  • Capers from Pantelleria reinvented

    La Nicchia, Pantelleria.

    On the small island in the south of Sicily than twenty years were orphaned capers fields more or less, it was missing the next generation of young farmers who wanted to take the tedious manual labor in the race against time in coming. Capers are the buds of a bush, which must be picked carefully before opening the flower. The capers of Pantelleria fell almost into oblivion. By Gabriele Lasagni came, the company of his father took over and established a new philosophy, the farmers complete harvest velvet capers bought from and year after year the price per kilo increased abgeliefertes capers. Gabriele and his company La Nicchia ferment small and large capers, place a in sea salt and olive oil and dry it even crispy. They produce creams, sauces and Pesti.

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  • Capers of La Nicchia

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  • Capers growing on Pantelleria

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  • Capers from Pantelleria reinvented

    capers leaves

    A new and innovative product, the olive oil in inlaid, delicately aromatic, exquisite caper leaves. use wherever a subtle caper flavor is desired in an extraordinary administration. On mild tomato sauces, for Vitello or on tuna carpaccio.

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  • Trenette with confit tomatoes and three capers

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    Feel the summer and the sun on your plate

    Ingredients for 4 persons:
    400 g linguine
    15 cherry tomatoes divided in half (for a 22 cm bowl)
    1 toe fresh garlic
    Capelin powder La Nicchia to sprinkle
    Oregano La Nicchia
    about 1 tablespoon of sugar
    extra virgin olive oil La Nicchia
    Salt and ground pepper
    1 anchovy in salt (or anchovy fillets)
    1 handful of salt chapels La Nicchia
    a spoonful of crunchy capers La Nicchia
    some basil leaves to decorate

    Wash and halve the tomatoes carefully.
    Place them in a baking dish with the cut up, season with salt, pepper, sugar, oregano, powdered capers (little because the taste is very present!), Basil, olive oil and fresh garlic slices over it. Dry the tomatoes at 100 degrees for 3 hours. When the tomatoes have dried, boil the linguine in plenty of salt water. In the meantime sauté the anchovies and fillets in a pan with extra virgin olive oil and some fresh garlic until the anchovies are completely melted. At this time, add the tomatoes, with all their sauce, the capers carefully desalinated in running water, the pasta and panning everything together. Decorate the plate with the tomatoes, 2 basil leaves, capers and crispy capers.

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