Olive oil from Spain and Portugal

Olivenöl aus Spanien und Portugal Native Olivenöle, aus Andalusien, aus Extremadura, aus Kastilien-La Mancha, aus Katalonien
Olive oil from Spain and Portugal

Virgin olive oils from Andalusia, from Extremadura, from Castile-La Mancha, from Catalonia

  • Olive oil from Spain

    In Spain there are 23 producing regions with recognized growing regions for olive oil with the protected designation of origin DOP. The largest and most important growing region is Andalusia with a yield of 90% of the total olive oil production. Half of the Ernet is made from the Picual variety, with its outstanding, strong taste. Another well-known variety is Arbequina, which impresses with its sweet, fruity and mild aroma. The Blanqueta variety, which is grown on the Costa Brava, has an intense but mild aroma. The Hojiblanca variety can be found in the growing areas around Seville, Grenada, Cordoba and Malaga. It tastes slightly bitter and has a spicy aroma of herbs.

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