Tuna products

Tuna products Tuna pieces, tuna cream from various manufacturers.
Tuna products

Tuna pieces, tuna cream from various manufacturers.

  • Swimming in oil Tuna

    Calvi, Liguria.

    The Ligurians are gifted manipulators of tuna and anchovies. The canning of Calvi testify. Marinaded in olive oil tuna, whether natural or savory, is an aromatic delicacy with firm bite. Tuna cream flatters every Panino.

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  • Swimming in oil Tuna

    Olasagasti, Cantabria.

    In cool Cantabrian Sea lebendie fish with the firmest flesh like the little Bonito del Norte, one of tuna. The captured fish are carefully filleted right on the coast. So there is a preserve exclusively with fatty tuna belly or a glass with loin. Thats culinary crafts.

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  • Tuna from Olasagasti

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  • Tradition from the house of Olasagasti

    The traditional quality canned goods are the queens of every pantry: there is no home, no meeting or no table that can resist them. And that is what our varieties of Bonito del Norte, bluefin tuna, Cantabrian anchovies, light tuna and mackerel make triumph when you serve these delicacies. With such healthy, rich and varied food, many a palate can be enchanted.

    The belly is one of the most sought-after cuts of bonito del norte and tuna.
    This unmistakable texture, this soft and delicate taste, make this tuna an excellent companion to a Mediterranean menu.
    Even if it comes from our Bonito del Norte campaign or our clear tuna, the belly is pure vice or in short: the best in the world.

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