Spices and Herbs

The BIG world of spices and herbs

Gewürze & Kräuter Viele Gewürze von Pfeffer sowie Gartenkräutern finden Sie hier.
Spices and Herbs The BIG world of spices and herbs

Many spices of pepper and garden herbs can be found here.

  • Spices and herbs

    For more than 5,000 years, spices have been used in kitchens and in the production of medicines. Spices consist of plant parts, such as leaves, flowers, bark fruits, juice or roots. The spices can be processed fresh, dried or frozen. Because of their aromatic flavor, they are used as an ingredient in various foods and beverages.
    Spices are also used to preserve food and stimulate appetite. In addition, spices should enhance the taste of prepared food.
    Saffron; Vanilla and cardamom are among the most expensive spices today. And thus replaced the pepper, which was even outweighed by gold at that time.
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  • spice diversity

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  • Small chilies - great taste

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  • Peppers and chili

    Pleasantly sweet to devilishly spicy

    The native and South American native game and breeding forms of peppers and chillies have today different colors and shapes. And you will find them not only in the kitchen, but also as decoration on window sills and in the garden.
    The peppers require a lot of heat and like to grow sheltered from the wind or in the greenhouse. Peppers and chillies need regular fertilization. When the peppers and chillies are ripe, they have turned from green to yellow - orange to a rich red. The very ripe red fruits taste best, as the peppers and chilies increase in sweetness with increasing maturity. However, the sharpness is not higher due to a longer maturation. The naturally occurring alkaloid Casaicin is responsible for the degree of severity. This can lead to heat or sharpness when consumed. Should it be too spicy, milk, yoghurt or cheese will help to reduce this spiciness. The higher the fat content, the better the effect of dissolving the capsaicin from the taste receptors.
    The degree of severity is measured with the unit Scovill. The values range from zero to over one million. The hottest chilies in the world include the Indian variety Bhut Jolokia and the Carolina Reaper hybrid from South Carolina. The scoville value is even more than two million for both chili varieties. Therefore, the consumption should be considered with caution.
    At GOURMET VERSAND you get different types of peppers and chillies, from sweet to very spicy. So, let your imagination run wild while cooking and seasoning and risking the occasional tear.

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