Spices and herbs

The BIG world of spices and herbs

Gewürze & Kräuter Viele Gewürze von Pfeffer sowie Gartenkräutern finden Sie hier.
Spices and herbs The BIG world of spices and herbs

You can find many pepper spices and garden herbs here.

  • Spices and herbs

    Spices have been used in kitchens and for the production of medicines for more than 5,000 years. Spices consist of parts of plants such as leaves, flowers, bark, fruit, juice or roots. The spices can be processed fresh, dried or frozen. Because of their aromatic taste, they are used as an ingredient in various dishes and drinks.
    Spices are also used to preserve food and stimulate the appetite. In addition, spices are intended to enhance the taste of the prepared food.
    Saffron; Vanilla and cardamom are among the most expensive spices today. And thus replaced pepper, which was even worth its weight in gold at the time.
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  • Variety of spices

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  • pepper

    Versatile climbing plant

    Real pepper, which comes from Asia, has been known to us as a spice since ancient times. He considered the spice, which at that time was still weighed in gold, to be one of the most expensive spices in the world. The climbing plant, which is mainly grown in Southeast Asia, India and Brazil, can grow up to 10 meters high. On the plantations, however, the climbing plants are only kept at a height of up to 4 meters. All four types of pepper are very popular with us and are often used in the preparation of dishes.

    Green peppercorns are harvested unripe. The fruits are dried or preserved in pickles. Due to its mild and fresh aroma, green pepper is not only used in savory dishes.

    The classic pepper variety is black pepper. This is also made from unripe fruits through fermentation. The resulting blackened grains are dried. And have a spicy to spicy taste.

    White pepper is more complex to produce. The red and therefore ripe berries are watered for a very long time. This causes the red pulp to come off. The now white grains are dried and have a good spiciness.

    Red pepper is rarely present. The red pepper is usually preserved in brine from the ripe and whole fruits and is rarely dried. This type of pepper is very hot.
    Because this pepper is so rare, pink pepper is used in many spice mixtures. This pink pepper comes from the Brazilian pepper tree and is not a true pepper.

  • Small chilies - big taste

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  • Paprika and chili

    Pleasantly sweet to devilishly spicy

    The wild and cultivated forms of peppers and chillies, which mainly come from South America, now have different colors and shapes. And you can now find them not only in the kitchen, but also as decoration on window sills and in the garden.
    The pepper varieties require a lot of warmth and like to grow protected from the wind or in a greenhouse. Peppers and chillies require regular fertilization. When the peppers and chillies are ripe, they have turned from green to yellow - orange to a rich red. The very ripe red fruits taste best, as the peppers and chilies increase in sweetness as they ripen. However, the spiciness does not increase with longer maturation. The naturally occurring alkaloid casaicin is responsible for the spiciness. When consumed, there may be a sensation of heat or spiciness. If it has become too spicy, milk, yoghurt or cheese will help reduce the spiciness. The higher the fat content, the better the effect in releasing capsaicin from the taste receptors.
    The degree of spiciness is measured using the Scovill unit. The values range from zero to over a million. The hottest chilies in the world include the Indian variety Bhut Jolokia and the hybrid variety Carolina Reaper from South Carolina. The Scoville value for both chili varieties is over two million. Therefore, consumption should be viewed with caution.
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