Vulcano ham factory

Vulcano specialties such as ham, bacon, salami, sausage, etc.

Vulcano ham factory Perfect enjoyment that enchants your senses
When the ham leaves our premises, it has matured into a perfect delicacy, created to delight your palate, suitable to enchant your senses, designed to give you a perfect pleasure.
Vulcano ham factory Vulcano specialties such as ham, bacon, salami, sausage, etc.

Perfect enjoyment that enchants your senses
When the ham leaves our premises, it has matured into a perfect delicacy, created to delight your palate, suitable to enchant your senses, designed to give you a perfect pleasure.

  • Vulcano ham, bacon, salami, sausage, etc.

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    Prosciutto and smoked products
    - Vulcano fillets in a class of their own.
    - Air-dried Styrian prosciutto.
    - Sausage, salamis and specialties.

  • Vulcano ham manufactory PHILOSOPHY

    Taste life. Enjoy your life. Experience Vulcano.

    All Vulcano specialties are characterized by a unique taste that is difficult to describe but easy to experience. It is created, among other things, by the particularly long maturation at particularly high temperatures. It is also because of our access to the animals and the way we treat and live with them.

    We value our pigs and treat them with respect. They are high-quality fed with selected cereals, the feeding itself takes longer than usual. Of course, they are kept appropriate to the species. The stables are covered, there is plenty of exercise, enough space and everything you need to feel comfortable.

    A first-class brand product from one of the most traditional regions of Europe: Made with loving care, genuine craftsmanship and a lot of tact.

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  • Ripening times - Vulcano ham / prosciutto

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    We ripen the Styrian Prosciutto crudo between 8 and 36 months. We also dry individual, specially selected hams for up to 60 months. Yes, we are very brave and dare to sell old meat and are very proud of it! Most hams are currently sold with a maturation period of 15 months. But the longer-aged prosciuttos are particularly popular with ham lovers. This can be compared to the perfect bouquet of wines. Fresh wines have a lighter aroma and are easier to drink than single-vineyard wines. Our longer-dried and matured hams can be compared to single-vineyard wines. They have a more intense aroma, also known as umami aroma. The longer the prosciuttos have matured, the more intense the taste. The 60-month-aged ham, which we only cut by hand, has sweet elements in the taste and is truly a special and rare delicacy. Such ham is not always available here either. When you visit the Vulcano ham adventure world, you sometimes have the opportunity to buy such a rarity.

  • Vulcano - the prosciutto production in Austria

    Prosciutto / ham

    The idea of producing and drying prosciutto crudo in Styria was born out of pure inventiveness in a deep crisis. We pioneered and started producing air-dried raw ham. But at the beginning we had to find out how it works. We knew how to make smoked meat products and started drying individual ham with our butcher Sepp. In the beginning, only the released ham plates - these are the back feet of the boneless pigs - only with salt and air-dried. We quickly discovered that this would not work in our Styrian climate without the appropriate drying rooms. The reason is quite simple. Here with us the natural humidity is just too high. To produce air-dried prosciutto crudo, you need dry air.

    In order to be able to carry out this procedure, we have set up ripening rooms, in which we have the possibility to regulate air humidity, air temperature and air speed. In the southern countries, these systems were not necessary in the past, because the average annual climate in these countries is much drier. Unlike today, meat used to be preserved only once a year. Also with us. In the cold season, the meat was salted and hung in the chambers so that the products could be dried even in cool temperatures. When it got warmer, the meat had lost so much water that it could no longer be stored. With us in the Vulcano ham world, you can experience this drying process up close. We offer guided tours that you can reserve here.

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  • The special Vulcano meat quality


    We produce the meat for our ham on our own farms. As a result, we also know what quality we end up with in processing. In ham processing, the fat quality we have available plays a very important role in maturation. The temperature curve in the ripening chambers is also based on this. We can ripen the ham at relatively high temperatures because we work with a fat quality in which the fat is more temperature-resistant. This brings the very special aroma in the development of the taste. This is very easy to test: especially with smoked bacon you can see it by the color - this is white and not yellow. You can also recognize it by the consistency - the bacon or fat is very crumbly and by no means tough. We therefore also call the fat - the chocolate of the meat, because it melts on the tongue. The fat has another important function in the optimal ripening process - it influences the shelf life. This increases, the hams can be ripened in warm temperatures above 16 degrees plus without the hams becoming bad. This is the only way that the special Vulcano taste in Prosciutto crudo is possible.

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  • FINE SPECIALTIES from Austria


    Refined compositions for discerning connoisseurs
    Truffle fillet, bacon wedges, raw ham crisps
    Fine specialties for connoisseurs who like to be surprised and seduced. Perfected truffle fillet, selected cold cuts, fine fruits wrapped in the mild spiciness of well-matured bacon mantle, unique Manduro specialties with their incomparable marbling. An interplay of delicate contrasts that delight the palate.

    A sensual experience and an experience of inspiring depth that changes everything. The ripe aroma is characterized by mild fineness, the basic note decided and stable, all nuances harmoniously balanced. Each leaf, paper-thin, carries a wonderful secret, the quintessence of pure taste, compacted into an inimitable well-balanced pleasure.

    New classics with unknown taste variations for unimagined enjoyment. Powerful pumpkin seeds, the noble spiciness of black pepper. The pleasant mildness of Mediterranean to nutty. Add a touch of garlic. The well-dosed pinch of exquisite ingredients refreshes the palate like a breeze and astonishes even the most experienced connoisseurs.

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  • Vulcano bacon specialties

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