Pesto and creams and pastes

Pesto and creams and pastes

Pestos in different varieties directly kitchen ready for consumption. Würzpestos, creams and pastes.

  • Fresh, homemade pesto

    Viani Alimentari, Göttingen.

    In our own kitchen we produce fresh from Pesti best Italian ingredients and always fresh basil. They hold the date of manufacture refrigerated 30 days. Is to open a jar, it may lasts 10 minutes so good they taste.

  • Various pestos from Olio Roi

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  • Fresh Pesto Genovese

    La Gallinara, Liguria.

    The original Basil the Riviera di Ponente tastes fruity and intense than other varieties. 35% of the IGP-Basil are processed in this fresh pesto. Cooled, it keeps one month after preparation.

  • Our pesto man from Albenga

    La Gallinara, Liguria.

    We work with this factory together for decades and began a successful campaign pesto on the German dish with her. La Gallinara has become a brand under Italo-philes. Over the years, we have Marco Natucci and his small company more interesting Pesti developed as the pesto with fennel, sage and pistachios.

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  • Creams and sauces from specialists

    La Gallinara, Liguria.

    How good taste prosciutto with artichoke cream, diced tomatoes on black olive cream or salami with green olives cream - molto bene! The creams are sometimes also a good seasoning for sauces.

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