Baking mixes for bread and cakes

Baking mixes for bread and cakes Here you will find many different baking mixes.

Here you will find many different baking mixes.

  • Georg Plange - plan mill

    It`s all in the mix. We make baking better. And more diverse.

    Plangemühle is the mill of the exquisite taste and the traditional variety of baked goods of our culture. We know more about flour because we never stopped reinventing mill products and preserving proven baking practices.
    As an owner-managed medium-sized company based in Neusser Hafen (near Düsseldorf), the Plangemühle as branch of the PMG Premium Mühlen Group is one of the largest and market-leading milling companies in Germany. Since our foundation in 1775, we have passed on our well-founded and extensive knowledge of the grain, flour and baked goods market to our partners and customers.
    Flour is our daily bread. We have continuously refined this core business. Every customer will find exactly the right flour from us to create products of consistently high quality and distinctive taste. And if he does not find what he is looking for in our large range, we will develop his customer-specific special flour for him. Because understanding service is the foundation of our company, innovative ability is our drive - almost like the wings of a historic windmill.
    Guaranteeing pleasure and freshness was, is and remains our top priority. For us, the traditional bakery trade is not an end in itself, but a mindset. We feel it is a great honor and an obligation not only to maintain the baking culture in our country, but to carry it on sustainably and vigorously. Yesterday, today and tomorrow. That`s what we stand for with our good name.

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  • Georg Plange - Plangemuhle

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  • Dawn - the family company

    From our own family to families around the world

    Dawn Foods was founded as a family business and regardless of our continued growth, the family is the basis of our thinking. We maintain a partnership with our customers. Take a look at our family, our history and our commitment to you.
    A century full of innovations and sweet baking moments
    Baking ingredients are at the heart of Dawn. In the first few years after our founding, over 50 US bakeries were already using our Dawn Donut Mix. The bakeries quickly realized that Dawn has a very special donut recipe with which you can bake delicious, high-quality and always consistent donuts.
    100 years later, Dawn offers much more than donuts. With over 4,000 items in our range, we contribute to the success of bakeries worldwide every day.

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  • Brussels style waffles

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