Lemonade and tonic

Refreshing, non-alcoholic and sparkling drinks.
With different lemonades from sweet to bitter.

Lemonade and tonic
  • Belvoir farm

    let`s be wild

    For us at Belvoir Farm, the great outdoors in all its wild and imperfect glory is where we feel most at home. Crafted with Nature is at the heart of our company values. Belvoir Farm is part of the Countryside Stewardship program which means we actively balance sustainable, profitable and modern agriculture with the conservation and preservation of natural habitats.
    At 60 acres, our organic elderflower plantation is the largest in the UK - a real labor of love for our farm manager Keith as elderflowers are surprisingly difficult to grow! His and our goal is to always enter the land easily and help nature do its thing. We pride ourselves on the natural ingredients we grow and harvest in the UK and beyond.

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  • Belvoir Farm

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  • Verum - Bevi piu Naturale

    Non-alcoholic Italian soft drinks

    Verum`s mission is to seek, identify and market beverages with a strong natural connotation.
    The company was founded in 2013 with the aim of commercializing traditional Italian drinks that are part of our cultural heritage. Today, Bevi più Naturale has two product lines on the market.
    VERUM prides itself on the rigorous selection of the raw materials used to make its drinks and the great attention paid to the production process. The company aims to improve the quality of the soft drinks currently on the market and become a leader in the production and distribution of traditional Italian soft drinks.

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  • Lurisia Premium Beverages - Premium lemonades

    Our drinks are inherently distinctive. Each drink is a unique taste experience because we select the ingredients that best enrich our territory: each recipe presents you an authentic taste and tells you its story.
    No detail is overlooked, which is why when you drink our drinks you get the pleasant surprise of tasting and the feeling of entering into a taste. And in every taste you also enter the world of values down to the smallest detail: authenticity, transparency, reliability, purity in every detail.

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  • Lurisia Premium Beverages - Premium lemonades

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