PAYMENT - Information about GOURMET VERSAND payment methods

Below you will find information about our available payment methods. You can select these yourself during the ordering process, provided they are activated for your country and your customer account.
If you have any questions about payment methods or payment processing, please feel free to contact us using the contact options . We are also available to help you on the following telephone number (+49) 02452 - 159 57 18.
    • 1. Payment method
      2. Can your order be processed immediately by us?
      3. Additional payment / credit for weight items?  A
      4. 30% overpayment for weight items?  B
    • to 1. PayPal Plus
      to 2. Yes
      to 3. Yes, probably
      to 4. Yes
    • to 2. No, only after receipt of payment
      to 3. Yes, probably
      to 4. Yes
    • to 2. Yes
      to 3. No
      to 4. No
    A = Weight item is, for example, a salami. This is stated in the web shop as weighing approx. 500 g but weighs 550 g upon delivery. This means you get more salami than you ordered. So you have to pay these 50 g more. These weight items can therefore weigh more or less. The final total is calculated based on the price per weight (EURO per kg/g).
    B = 30% overpayment means that when you pay for the order, you pay 30% above the stated retail price for each weight item. After picking and invoicing, the final price of the product / order is determined. Any amounts paid in excess will of course be refunded.
    Further information can be found under weight items.
  • PayPal Plus
    PayPal is a free online payment service. This means you can shop with us conveniently and safely. The following payment methods are possible with PayPal Plus.

    - Credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express)
    - PayPal
    - Direct debit (direct debit on your bank account)

    Weight items can also be paid for via PayPal. Please note the information on this on the Weight Items page.

  • Click here to find out more about PayPal.
    Or visit
  • Note: The order can be processed by us immediately.
  • cash in advance
  • After you have successfully completed your order via the webshop, you can pay the invoice amount
    transfer to our Deutsche Bank account.
  • Recipient:
    Bank code:
    Account no.:

    BIC / SWIFT-Code:
    Deutsche Bank
    390 700 24
    478 643 000


  • Please do not forget to include your customer number and order number, as an association is not otherwise possible.

  • Note: The order is not yet considered paid. We will only process this further once we have received your invoice amount as payment.
  • Cash on delivery fee
    We are happy to offer you payment by cash on delivery, but please understand that chilled and frozen products cannot be sent cash on delivery.
    Cash on delivery payment is available for goods with a value of EURO 30 or more. The maximum weight is 30 kg.
    Cash on delivery is only permitted for Germany and fees of EURO 4 for DHL and EURO 8 for UPS (including VAT) apply.
    Please note that DHL charges a transfer fee of EURO 2 for cash on delivery deliveries.
    These additional EURO 2 are added to our invoice amount!

    Note: The order can be processed by us immediately.
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