Brandies and spirits of Gölles

Manufacture in Austria

Brandies and spirits of Gölles
  • GÖLLES manufacture from Austria

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  • Brandies and liqueurs from Gölles

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  • Noble fires from Gölles

    It all started with an idea, a real crazy idea, to be exact. Since 1979 we have give us this body and soul back and do not leave anything to chance. We distill after traditional double firing process in valuable copper cauldrons - free of sugar and flavoring or coloring.

    The clear fires
    A variety of local fruits, fully ripe fermented, carefully distilled and stored for harmonious maturity in carboys or stainless steel tanks, fill the brandy glasses with pure fruitiness.

    The barrel mounted fires
    In specially built from old bricks Gewölbekeller our age and our apple Old Blue Plum allowed at least eight years resting in oak barrels. Besides the typical golden color and woody, slightly vanilla notes and tones the oak convinced by the indescribable mildness of the final brandies.

    XA rarities
    After the Credo and # 132; What matures long, is infinitely gutund # 147; guards Alois Gölles its fires like his eyeballs. In special vintages decades ago, small amounts were retained and bottled after long storage in limited and hand-numbered bottles. In our brandy safe custody, they get the attention they deserve the XA (extra old) rarities.

    Green walnuts, roots and herbs from local gardens make our Edelbitter a unique drinking experience. From the first sip of the wonderful bitter notes of gentian root, centaury and bloodroot tickle the tongue tips. What follows is a herbal, almost medicinal rounded hint of fifteen local herbs.

    Manfred Tement, the renowned wineries of the beautiful Southern Styria, brings us every year, the pomace of Muskatellerernte. From this we distill a noble grape marc, which convinces in the nose by its floral aroma and on the palate by its intense fruitiness.

  • Liqueurs Gölles

    Abundant juice of ripe fruit, set in the eponymous distillate, provided with little sugar and pure spring water - that are our fruit liqueurs. Combined with sparkling wine they produce an incomparable Aperitif and a sweet tooth should for the next Schokofondue hold necessarily a few drops ready. Pure fruit pleasure.

  • GÖLLES manufacturer from Austria

    Noble brandies and liqueurs

    Already in the late 1950s was laid by Alois Gölles senior laid the foundation for todays manufacturer.

    Back then, Bauer mixed farming - 3 to 4 cows, a handful of pigs and some chickens - he started one of the first East Styrian cultivation of apple trees.

    During the 1960s, the farm animals have been gradually replaced by orchards and the cultivation of black currants (currants) sat Alois sen. Finally, on a second pillar alongside the apples. Alois Gölles junior grew formally in the orchard.
    From childhood on, he was integrated into the processes of the parents business and earned early in Ribiselernte his first money. At that time was still the price - 1 kilo Ribisel equals 1 shilling.
    At 14, he then presented the course for his career, when he decided to start his education opened at the Klosterneuburg. There he graduated in 1979th
    His training was followed by several years of wandering, where he worked as a teacher, production manager of a fruit processing as well as technicians of fruit juice plants. One had all these years together: the love and closeness to the fruit as a natural and fascinating commodity.
    In 1979 he began the fruit of his parents company weiterzuveredeln - initially to fruit wine and juice and later even reach for brandy.

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