Saubirner - brandy, 43% vol., Gölles - 350 ml - bottle

Saubirner - brandy, 43% vol., Gölles

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350 ml bottle   € 42,40 *
(€ 121,14 / l)
PU-purchase 8 x 350 ml bottle to each   € 41,13 *

The Saubirne is an old Mostbirnensorte, which is widespread in the Lake Constance area, but occasionally in other regions and for the burning of schnapps has special merit: Fine and delicately presents our Saubirner, but at the same time racy and challenging in the smell dense and long on the palate, but lively and finesse - the seemingly contradictory unites in the Saubirner to a great taste experience As a symbiosis of the tart-spicy peculiarities of the cider pear with the fine elegance of fine table pears.

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