Apricot fruit liqueur, 17% vol., Gölles - 350 ml - bottle

Apricot fruit liqueur, 17% vol., Gölles

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350 ml bottle   € 21,85 *
(€ 62,43 / l)
PU-purchase 8 x 350 ml bottle to each   € 21,19 *

The sweetest apricots are used for this liqueur in the apricot distillate from our own distillery. In this bath of fine brandy, the elegant fruit flavors of the apricots are fully developed, so that the liqueur presents itself as a baroque taste ensemble: sweet, with a fine scent of roses, full on the palate, but with a hint of elegant acidity. A delicious liqueur for pure enjoyment, a full-bodied enrichment of elegant drinks, an extremely valuable ingredient for the sweet cuisine.

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