Hollerbeeren - brandy, 43% vol., Gölles - 700 ml - bottle

Hollerbeeren - brandy, 43% vol., Gölles

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The Hollerbrand is not only culinary interesting, but also very aromatic. Although the distillate uses exclusively the ripened, fully ripe berries of the Hollers, the brand presents itself with the whole complexity of the scent of the scent: the flowers smell quite bewitching and the wood has its distinctive scent, and all of this is found again in the distillate : typical and differentiated elderberry note on the nose and on the palate, playful and rich in nuances, sweetish, spicy, delicate spicy, full-bodied, sometimes slightly tart on the finish, at least full of character.

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Hollerbeeren - brandy, 43% vol., Gölles - 700 ml - bottle