Peach - brandy, 45% vol., Gölles - 350 ml - bottle

Peach - brandy, 45% vol., Gölles

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350 ml bottle   € 38,50 *
(€ 110,00 / l)
PU-purchase 8 x 350 ml bottle to each   € 37,35 *

For the cultivation of v. Peaches in Styria have an ideal climate. Therefore, 80% of the peaches harvested in Austria come from Styrian orchards. Only from excellent batches of Styrian peaches - this fire is won, because the distilling of the peach is a particular challenge to the burner: Tender and not as varietal as other fruit unfolds the bouquet, even on the palate dominated by delicacy and no plump fruit. A fine peach brandy like this can excite with density and fleshiness and unfolds - even with considerable strength - mild and harmonious on the palate.

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