Kriecherl plum - brandy, 43% vol., Gölles - 700 ml - bottle

Kriecherl plum - brandy, 43% vol., Gölles

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700 ml bottle   € 66,71 *
(€ 95,30 / l)
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Kriecherl is a small-fruited variety of plum, mainly in Styria and eastern Austria, and a prototype of mirabelle plum and plum. The peculiarity of this fruit lies in an interesting combination of sweetness and bitter acidity and in the fact that the pulp adheres almost inseparably to the stones. Therefore Kriecherl can not be gutted without further ado. For this fire, the fruits are mashed with their stones, which are removed after fermentation for the most part. So you get a pleasant core tone that accompanies the fruitiness but does not come to the fore. A noble distillate, in which the interaction of the different flavors that is so attractive in the fruit is beautifully expressed.

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