Quince - brandy, 43% vol., Gölles - 700 ml - bottle

Quince - brandy, 43% vol., Gölles

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700 ml bottle   € 80,85 *
(€ 115,50 / l)
PU-purchase 6 x 700 ml bottle to each   € 78,42 *

The quince, like the apple and the pear, is a pome fruit. According to the appearance one distinguishes also between apple quinces and pear quinces. But this is also already the only thing in common, in terms of taste the quince stands out clearly from apples or pears. The fruit is furry hairy on the outside and has on the surface essential oils, which spread a very special scent. The intense aroma is also found in the fires. Intense exotic aromas bewitch the nose and continue on the palate very compact and straightforward. Because of the low yield quince is often produced as a spirit, which - according to the philosophy of the house - is out of the question for us: In Gölles is never added to the distillate foreign alcohol.

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