All-Clad pots and pans

multi-layer alloys for even heat distribution
Stainless - Copper Core - d5

All-Clad Töpfe und Pfannen Die Töpfe und Pfannen dieses Herstellers zeichnen sich dadurch aus, dass die mehrschichtigen Legierungen von Edelstahl, Aluminium und Kupfer eine gleichmäßige Wärmeverteilung gewährleisten. Mit lebenslanger Garantie auf All-Clad Produkte.
All-Clad pots and pans multi-layer alloys for even heat distribution<br />Stainless - Copper Core - d5

The pots and pans from this manufacturer are characterized by the fact that the multi-layer alloys of stainless steel, aluminum and copper ensure even heat distribution. With a lifetime guarantee on All-Clad products.

  • History - American cookware convinced chefs

    All Clad pots and pans

    Late sixties John Ulam developed in Canonsburg (USA), a process for producing metals, by means of which he met the highest standards of reliability and durability. The secret lies in the combination of different layers and alloys, which are rolled out with heat and pressure into inseparable units.

    Sam Michaels bought 1988, the company and drove the same care continues to produce cookware. All-Clad products had now reputed to be the best professional cookware US. After the great American Kitchen Stars for All-Clad decided it quickly became the ultimate object of desire ambitious amateur chefs. Since it not only looks stunningly beautiful, but is also the most exclusive cookware on the market, it was a status symbol of those who like to use their kitchen for show.

    In Germany, we offer the All-Clad cookware into three series at:
    - Stainless®, our professional series stainless steel
    - Stainless with d5 Technology (TM), our series for the professional catering, and
    - Copper-Core®, the crowning with milled copper core.

    Our chefs have chosen All-Clad and show in their cooking classes the convincing advantages of All-Clad in practice. On this occasion, you can convince the hearth of the quality and performance of our cooking tools themselves. You can each article there also purchase or order here in the online shop.

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  • Perfection as philosophy

    All Clad pots and pans

    The cookware by All-Clad is created for one reason: the desire cookware to create in perfection for the best chefs in the world. Perfect compositions in the best kitchens are only possible with tools do exactly what awaits the cook in every single moment of them.

    All-Clad is the ultimate precision cooking tool. Without compromises!

    The passion for food and the absolute refusal to compromise, form the foundation of all great restaurants. Therefore, many of the worlds top chefs All-Clad described as the best cookware in the market.

    All-Clad is a unique cookware from a metal compound, based on layers of pure metals and alloys. The result is a unique combination of cookware, the fastest heat conduction with perfect durability of the surface combined. It ensures an even heat distribution, so you always sauté with consistent, professional results, fry or reduce, without fear of hot spots.

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  • Quality without compromise

    All Clad pots and pans

    The secret of success of All-Clad is our distinctive detail. We leave nothing to chance, whether it comes to the strength of each metal layer, or the diameter of each rivet. If you take a pan of All-Clad in hand, you will immediately notice that this is a truly outstanding tool. Starting with the shiny, polished by hand outer wall made of stainless steel up to the ergonomic handle: Pure perfection!

    Whether you opt for our range of stainless steel or the series with a copper core, every single piece is manufactured to the same exacting and precise specifications: Under the hand-polished outer wall of each All-Clad product are layers of metals and alloys, the highest precision are inseparable. This production method, the roll-bonding, All-Clad has perfected.

    The result is the most thermally conductive, yet safest cookware that you will find. The method is applied not only for the soil. The bonded layers are slowly deformed in a further operation, the hydroforming until they take the final shape of each body. By this expensive process, the material thickness is obtained in the bending zones. Another feature for perfect heat conduction. The layers are completely formed, along the sides, all the way up to ensure even heat distribution. The cooked material is thus heated not only from below but completely enclosed by a thermal field and flooded.

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  • lifetime WARRANTY

    All Clad pots and pans

    From the date of purchase granted All-Clad warranty, each pan and each pot to repair or replace, in which despite proper use and follow the instructions for material, design or processing errors.

    This warranty excludes damage caused by misuse or improper use of, or damage to the non-stick coating in coated articles.

    Smaller manufacturing differences and slight color variations are normal.

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