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Truffle honey, truffle carpaccio, truffle jelly, truffle flour, truffle puree, truffle risotto, truffle sauces, truffle pie, etc.

  • Summer truffles from Viani and Co.

    Viani and Co.

    The summer truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt.) Has a slightly earthy, kräuteriges aroma and a mild, nutty flavor. The exterior is brown and has a prickly, the interior, however, is off-white to grayish brown and is crossed by a fine network of bright grains. In preserved form impart summer truffles sauces, egg dishes and other dishes with creamy cheeses a warm, nutty flavor.

    Viani and Co., our truffle line that we lead and maintain for decades, reminds us of the origins of our food trade, it is virtually the first child of the Viani family. We can prepare the precious truffles in an optimal way and combine. Our tip: truffle mayonnaise to homemade fries.

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  • Summer truffles from Viani and Co. / truffle products

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  • Truffles - polenta, truffle - Risotto

    Viani and Co.

    Polenta is also a specialty of the north and covered with its creaminess tenderly discreet truffle flavor. It tastes very good as an accompaniment to braised meats or with Fontina to a self-employed small corridor.

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  • white and black truffles

    Viani and Co.

    The winter season starts with a bang. From October, the experts urge the Piedmont and admire white truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico) in Alba and Asti. The aroma is stunningly complex: garlic,
    Honey, flowers and cheeses. Black winter truffles (Tuber melanosporum Vitt.) Close from November to. Your taste is strong. You own musky, nutty and deep earthy aromas. make preserved
    it throughout the year from sauces, pates, terrines and creams special little flavor bombs. For black truffles applies: 80% flavor, 20% fragrance!

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