Shipping Information

Below you will find information about our available shipping methods. You can filter even during the order process, provided they are approved for your country and your customer-account.
Should you have any questions about the shipping methods or shipping process, please feel free to contact us via the contact options. We are happy at the following telephone number (+49) 02452-159 57 18 available for you.
Which countries does GOURMET VERSAND deliver to?
We deliver to Europe and worldwide in 70 different countries.
148 shipping options are available.

Deliveries are carried out with parcel service providers such as DHL , UPS or by forwarding agent .
The customs clearance associated with this is taken over completely or preparatively by us.
  • Shipping costs for private customers
    Gourmet Shipping ships many thousands of different products. These include simple but also special products which, for example, have to be shipped refrigerated or frozen. The calculation in the shopping cart always calculates the cheapest shipping costs. If there is only one cool product in your shopping cart, the whole shipment will be sent by express shipping. Chilled products are marked in the cart. The calculation of shipping costs is also based on the weight of the item including packaging material. You can use the following selection fields to calculate the shipping costs in advance.

    Shipment to the following country:
    Select here whether your consignment contains chilled or frozen products.

    Select here whether your shipment should be sent by express shipping.

    kg = (max: 29kg)
    items total €

    7,00 EUR       UPS - standard shipping Germany (only uncooled products) including energy surcharge
    free shipping from 90 €
    From a value of 80,00 EUR only 6,00 EUR shipping.
    [duration transport: 1-2 Day (s) / delivery time: 8-18 h]
    max weight: 30 kg
    6,50 EUR       DHL - standard shipping Germany (only uncooled products) including energy surcharge
    free shipping from 80 €
    From a value of 70,00 EUR only 5,50 EUR shipping.
    [duration transport: 1-2 Day (s) / delivery time: 8-18 h]
    max weight: 30 kg
    14,00 EUR       UPS - EXPRESS SAVER shipping Germany until 6 p.m. (also chilled + frozen products) including energy surcharge
    free shipping from 170 €
    From a value of 140,00 EUR only 11,50 EUR shipping.
    [duration transport: 1 Day (s) / delivery time: 8-18 h]
    max weight: 30 kg
    19,00 EUR       UPS - EXPRESS 12:00 noon Shipping Germany until 12 noon (also chilled + frozen products) including energy surcharge
    free shipping from 220 €
    From a value of 180,00 EUR only 14,50 EUR shipping.
    [duration transport: 1 Day (s) / delivery time: 8-14 h]
    max weight: 30 kg
    0,00 EUR       CLICK and COLLECT - self-collection in the GOURMET VERSAND dispatch center Heinsberg / Germany (also chilled + frozen products)
    As soon as your order is ready for collection, you will receive another email from us.
    max weight: 10000 kg
    119,00 EUR       Transport by forwarding within Germany and exact calculation (price per EURO pallet / also refrigerated + frozen products)
    [duration transport: 1-5 Day (s) / delivery time: 8-18 h]
    max weight: 100000 kg

    You can also put your desired items in the shopping cart.
    Certain products have a differentiated shipping cost calculation due to their volume and the resulting volumetric weight.
    The total weight of the products of your possible order will be calculated and displayed in the shopping cart.
    The shopping cart calculates all shipping costs due to the items.
    You do not need to log in or be logged in for this.
  • Note the location and the time until delivery of GOURMET VERSAND in Germany
  • Your order leave within 24 to 36 hours after successful payment, our dispatch center.
    Shipping is Monday through Friday. Chilled and frozen products only on Mondays - Thursdays. Subject to prior sale.

    When ordered as an example Saturdays will process your order from us on Monday morning and on Monday or the next day (Tuesday here) shipped. Once the order is deemed to be paid for and run is processed by us in the business hours for us the 36 hours. So this is not the case if you pay in advance and the transfer has not yet arrived.
    Please refer to the information about the payment..

    The duration of the national shipping (within Germany) You can appreciate from the adjacent postcodes.
    These are from our location in 52525 Heinsberg.

    The duration for international shipping (outside of Germany) can be very different. The duration Please refer to the table below.

    An example of Germany:
    Is Zip 09366 then look right in the list where the first 3/4 digits of your zip code can be found.
    Depending on the column, you will see if your package is 1 or 2 days is required to you.
    So when "093" 66 It takes 2 days.
  • Location of GOURMET VERSAND
  • Standard maturities after
    Postcode in Germany
    1 Day (green)
    2 Days (grey)
    200 - 2127
    2141 - 229
    253 - 254
    260 - 2936
    2965 - 388
    400 - 781
    785 - 820
    840 - 8410
    850 - 857
    8671 - 8679
    900 - 934
    950 - 999
    010 - 199
    213 - 2140
    230 - 252
    255 - 259
    2937 - 2964
    390 - 399
    782 - 784
    821 - 839
    8411 - 849
    858 - 8670
    868 - 899
    935 - 949
  • Fresh Award for chilled or frozen products for the transport
    For chilled and frozen products each fall a shipping surcharge on (Fresh surcharge). This freshness surcharge is a fee for the styrofoam box and ice packs / dry ice.
    - Your refrigerated products (0 - 7 ° C) are shipped in polystyrene boxes and ice packs.
    - Frozen products (min. -18 ° C) are shipped in polystyrene boxes with dry ice.

    € 4,00 Shipping surcharge for fresh products (0-7 ° C)
    € 4,00 Delivery surcharge for frozen products (min-18 ° C)
  • Minimum quantities does not exist
    We have no minimum quantity and no minimum quantity surcharge.
  • Catering customers / Major customers
    Gastronomy and major customers always pay the shipping costs. A free shipping does not exist.
  • COD charge
    We are happy to offer you the payment by cash, but have you understand that chilled and frozen food products can not be shipped by cash on delivery. The payment by cash is due to a order value of € 30, - available. The maximum weight is 30 kg. Cash on delivery is only valid for Germany and for this fall fee of € 4, - for DHL and € 8, - for UPS (incl. Tax) on.
    Please note that DHL a transfer fee of € 2, - raises for cash deliveries.
    These additional € 2, - that will be added to our bill amount!
  • DHL - our main logistics partner
    - Usually DHL delivers in 1-2 days Your package
    - It is also possible with DHL and Saturdays to receive a Delivery
    - If you are not at home when delivery, you can pick up your package at your DHL station
    - 24 - hour package tracking on the Internet. You receive the goods receipt, our system automatically sends an e-mail containing the parcel number.
    - Delivery to DHL-Packstation possible. You decide when it allows your timeframe.

    It can not chilled or frozen products are shipped with DHL.

    Notes to the packing station:
    Fresh and frozen products can not be delivered to a packing station. Packages with a maximum size of 60 x 35 x 35 cm are permitted for packing stations. We strive therefore to pack your ordered products as possible to save space. If your package these dimensions yet even exceed, for example many products in one order or bulky items, the delivery to a packing station is in such a case not possible. Thank you for your understanding!

    Due to the high volume package, we have decided, in the future to send our shipments CO² neutral.
    DHL offers the so-called GOGREEN service for this method.
    An additional charge per shipment will be paid voluntarily by us GOURMET DELIVERY.
    This is used by DHL for climate protection projects (eg a reforestation project of the WWF), which are certified according to internationally recognized standards.
    You as a customer can therefore rest assured when you make 2 orders at short succession.
  • UPS - our other logistics partners
    - Standard delivery in 24-48 hours
    - satellite-based package tracking possible
    - Delivery from Monday - Friday (no Saturday delivery)
    - 24 - hour package tracking on the Internet. You receive the goods receipt, our system automatically sends an e-mail containing the parcel number.
  • SWISS package
    For customers from Switzerland, we recommend the use of SWISS package in our online shop.
    About the service of SWISS package you can deliver packages in Switzerland. You need to login for only
    More detailed information can be found on the website of SWISS package.

  • Here we will explain the use of the SWISS packet address:

  • Your home address is:
    Max Mustermann
    Musterstrasse 123
    4000 Basel
  • Your SWISS packet address is the German delivery address of SWISS package store. In this example this is Weil am Rhein.
    company: SWISS PAKET
    first name: Max
    surname: Mustermann
    Street + house number: Im Kränzliacker 9
    additional address: K12345 <- This is your customer number at SWISS package!
    zip code: 79576
    place: Weil am Rhein
    country: Deutschland
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