Caviar, oysters, salmon, fish

Kaviar, Austern, Lachs, Fisch Viele verschiedene Kaviar, Austern, frischer Lachs, Schnecken und weitere Fischprodukte finden Sie hier.
Caviar, oysters, salmon, fish

Many different caviar, oysters, fresh salmon, snails and other fish products here.

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    The black gold

    In the past, the sturgeon was caught and killed to produce caviar.
    For several years now, the roe from live sturgeon has been stripped and processed.
    When it comes to production, a distinction is made between Mallossol (the lightly salted caviar) and barrel-aged caviar. Also called salt caviar because of its high salt content.
    The taste of caviar ranges from slightly nutty to very spicy. In order for the caviar to develop its full aroma, it should not be eaten too cold.
    The finest and most expensive of the caviar varieties is Beluga, which is obtained from the Beluga sturgeon of the same name. Its roe has a color ranging from light gray to anthracite.
    The caviar from Ruschian sturgeon with its silver-gray to black roe is called Ossietra.
    The Ossietra Baerii, which is obtained from the Siberian sturgeon, has a dark gray to black roe.
    You can buy all of these caviar delicacies online directly from Gourmet Versand.
    Enjoy these types of caviar straight from the back of your hand, confidently with a mother-of-pearl spoon or with a champagne aperitif with a warm blini and some crème fraîche.

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