CHROMA Triple C - Design by Sebastian Conran

  • CHROMA CCC - one of the best kitchen knives

    Design by Christian Conran

    Of course, Sebastian Conran was concerned with a nice knife, and at the same time he also designed one of the best kitchen knives or utility knives. He used the help of many chefs working in London`s Conran restaurants. Together, they developed the classic-modern knife with the highest utility value. CCC impresses with elegance and performance. The handle is made of high quality plastic and lies securely in the hand. The blade is a sandwich construction, which means that a very hard steel (VG14, 59 ° HRC) is protected by two softer outer steels. The outer softer steels give the blade stability and toughness. The inner steel is the actual cutting edge, which is very hard but also brittle and can therefore be sharpened very sharply.
    The CCC series is remarkably robust for its excellent sharpness.

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