Christmas cookies and stollen

Stollen, Stollen confectionery and Christmas cookies
for Christmas baking enjoyment

Christmas cookies and stollen
  • Traditional bakery from the Heide

    Willinger Christinen-Stollen

    The secret to turning a good Christ stollen into an even better one lies in maturity.
    The traditional Willinger bakery von der Heide lets its Christmas stollen mature underground for four weeks. The aroma of the fine ingredients unfolds particularly well in cold and humid conditions. And Wolfgang von der Heide consciously relies on slowness with his other products too.
    The basis is the old rule that a good Stollen must still taste good at Easter - i.e. after a very long ripening period. That gave Wolfgang von der Heide the idea of the tunnel in the tunnel: He was trying to store his pastries in the Christine pit: I went there every week and tried it. After four weeks, the tunnel has really changed. At three degrees Celsius and high humidity, the aroma developed perfectly: That makes my Stollen another 25 percent better, says von der Heide.

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