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Spices and herbs

WIBERG - Würzmittelhersteller aus Leidenschaft Seit über 50 Jahren sehen Gastronomen und Lebensmittelproduzenten in Wiberg einen verlässlichen Partner, führenden Entwickler und innovativen Problemlöser für Gewürze.
WIBERG - a passionate seasoning manufacturer Spices and herbs

For over 50 years, restaurateurs and food producers have seen Wiberg as a reliable partner, leading developer and innovative problem solver for spices.

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    Wiberg in Austria and Germany

    Since its founding in 1947 WIBERG refines precious spices from around the world and produces high quality spice blends, herbs, oils and vinegars, sausage casings and ingredients for food producers and restaurateurs. From small beginnings in Salzburg Oberpinzgau has an internationally successful

    Family developed with the central sites in Freilassing and Salzburg and with over 600 employees worldwide. The vision is to prepare the people eating the highest pleasure and taste sensations, WIBERG has accompanied on this successful path and will shape the future.

    Spices have always been a cultural significance and has always exerted a powerful fascination. In earlier times, spices were the value of gold. Your treasure has indeed changed, but still surrounds a rich aura of stories, cultures and knowledge.
    WIBERG premises:
    High quality: The careful selection of raw materials and their suppliers ensure the WIBERG quality.
    Origin: Which cultures or areas in the world come the spices also, WIBERG is on site.
    Natural: Natural spices have a special and intense flavor. WIBERG preserves these authenticity of raw materials as possible to the finished product.

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  • Wiberg - The world of the professional

    Who doesn`t long for them, the people who solve every problem with their competence, passion and reliability, who process orders quickly and discreetly and who also help out with tips and tricks, advice and support? We at WIBERG are very close to this ideal.

    Profound knowledge of the subject:
    Our employees are familiar with our customers` manufacturing and preparation processes. Experience and constant training make us experts.

    Exemplary solutions:
    Our proposed solutions are on point. We translate the multitude of regional taste ideas into the right composition of spices and mixtures of spices and active ingredients.

    Holistic competence:
    Our employees are distinguished not only by their knowledge of spices and combinations of spices and active ingredients, but also by their mastery of the entire manufacturing process.

    Creative innovation:
    We know the trends in technologies and processes in food production and food preparation. We use this to develop innovative product and flavor concepts.

    Passionate support:
    Thanks to their training, WIBERG employees are at eye level with customers and understand their language.

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  • Wiberg - The world of culinary delights

    Spices have always had cultural significance and have always held a strong fascination. In earlier times, spices had the same value as gold. Their preciousness may have changed, but a rich aura of stories, cultures and knowledge still surrounds them.

    WIBERG premises:
    High quality: The careful selection of raw materials and their suppliers ensure WIBERG quality.

    Origin: No matter which culture or growing region in the world the spices come from, WIBERG is there.

    Naturalness: Natural spices have a special and intense taste. WIBERG preserves the authenticity of the raw materials as best as possible right up to the finished product.

    Effect: WIBERG not only knows the taste effects, but also has the know-how to place them in the best possible way when used in food.

    Food is characterized by taste. Most foods are lonely without spices. When preparing food in all kitchens around the world, the focus is on creating taste experiences. WIBERG supports this art with its raw materials and the know-how of its employees.

    The following are important for WIBERG:
    Regional taste cultures: We understand and capture the most diverse regional tastes in the world. Our wide variety of flavor compositions makes us an institution in the production and preparation of food.

    Active pioneer: WIBERG is developing a network of culinary experts and is itself an active part. Well-known pioneers in the industry are both a reference and a challenge.

    Timeless aesthetics: Taste and enjoyment are timeless. The WIBERG photo style additionally inspires chefs and food producers and underlines the aesthetics of fine dishes.

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