Vegetarian meat alternatives from Quorn

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Vegetarian meat alternatives from Quorn
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    We have a different perspective

    Here at Quorn we like to see things a little differently. We know that the growing world population needs a sustainable and healthy nutrition concept. That`s why we go our own way to produce protein-rich foods: do we use mycoprotein for our entire Quorn range? a nutritious source of protein that is high in fiber. Do we want to inspire people to eat healthy? with irresistibly delicious recipes and exciting taste experiences from all over the world. In other words, our mission is to produce healthy protein for a healthy planet.
    Quorn wants to make it easier for you to prepare fine dishes - by implementing our vision of a protein that tastes delicious and is healthy not only for you but also for the planet. For this reason, all Quorn products are based on mycoprotein.

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  • What is mycoprotein?

    Mycoprotein is a source of high-quality, high-fiber, low-fat and cholesterol-free protein. No animal products are used in the production of mycoprotein: it is based on a naturally occurring, nutrient-rich mushroom culture from the soil. This mushroom is called Fusarium venenatum.
    Through fermentation - a process that has been handed down from time immemorial, which is also used in the production of bread, beer and yoghurt - we obtain mycoprotein from it. And because less land and water are needed to produce mycoprotein than to produce animal proteins, mycoprotein has a 90% better carbon footprint. An excellent example of how nutrient-rich protein can be produced in a sustainable way in view of the growing world population.

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