Panettone and Pandoro

Traditional yeast cake
for Easter or Christmas

Panettone and Pandoro
  • Paolo Lazzaroni and Figli

    Airy fruity panettone

    Paolo Lazzaroni and Figli is based in Saronno, Italy (near Milan) and belongs to the Lazzaroni family
    The family originally owned two different Lazzaroni businesses. In 1927, the two companies ended up in a new single structure that concentrated all forces on the production of biscuits and in the meantime also maintained the production of Amaretto Lazzaroni 1851, which was always regarded as their liquid biscuit.
    Over the years, the biscuit company has grown phenomenally well, becoming one of the best known in the world, known for its high quality standards.
    The company is now run by Paolo and Luca Lazzaroni, who are in the 7th and 8th generation of an entrepreneurial family that has always been active in the high-quality Italian grocery store through various companies.

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  • Christmas panettone

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  • Panettone, the Christmas yeast cake

    These traditional cakes come from Milan. The yeast cakes are mainly eaten at Christmas in Italy.
    The airy panettone is made classically or with different fillings, for example: limoncello cream, pistachio cream, Amarena cherries or hazelnut cream.

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