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  • 2020-01-21 09:00:00
    Greenpeace Energy supplies GOURMET VERSAND with green electricity
    Our contribution to environmental protection is made from 100% renewable sources
    As a company in the online trade, it is important to us to keep minimizing our environmental impact. That is why we have decided to only purchase 100% green electricity from GREENPEACE ENERGY. From now on, we will obtain our commercial electricity for our computers, lights, cooling systems and even our heating with a clear conscience. Lignite or nuclear power is absolutely not necessary to run an online business successfully. The additional costs of not even 2 cents per kWh are absolutely affordable. We have had air heat pump systems for heating since 2010, which are much more effective and cheaper than oil or gas. And the electricity required for this comes into the house in an environmentally friendly way. For our customers, our employees and our environment! Your TEAM from GOURMET SHIPPING
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